Hi.. this is my first post on these forums.
I learn python as a hobby. Will learning sequential programming be sufficient for my needs? (I won't be pursuing a career in programming. I just do it so that I can keep my self busy and because I like programming with python)

or will I also need to learn object oriented programming concepts?

Some will say yes, some will say no. This, I think, is a matter of opinion.

My opinion is that it can't hurt to learn how to do it. Python is one of the languages that handles it well, so it won't be hard to learn with the right material. At some point if you want to explore the world or GUI programming or even use some third-party libraries, it's going to be forced on you anyway.

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Since just about everything in Python is an object, you are doing OOP already. Look at it this way, a class is just one more convenient tool to group things together. If the class concept bothers you, you can do major programming without it.

After all, there are older computer languages like C that have no OOP, yet huge programs like entire operating systems (unix), and the core of Python have been written with it.

For even more fun, learn some SQL. There's even Python code to access SQL databases, but I would suggest first some interactive basics with (free) mySQL. (You quickly learn why there's a software interface :-)

Like programming, familiarity with SQL creeps up in job interviews, and it's nice to be able to say "Yes, I've done the following with SQL ..."

Without contradicting the posters above, I would add that Python makes OOP really easy. And in the end, coding with objects is easier to wrap one's mind around than coding without objects -- once OOP is learned, of course.

So ... yes, you could ... but you probably shouldn't. ;)