I want to make a program that takes input 10 random numbers from user and arrange it in ascending order. Give me help for startup plz...

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If someone wrote on a paper 10 random numbers handed it to you how would you sort them? Theres many sorting algorithms you can use, quicksort and bubblesort are both pretty basic try looking up one of those algorithms


All the above listed algorithms are the bests you can find to sort an array of numbers but I would prefer this order for you to start with as you are a starter.

1>Selection sort
2>Bubble sort
3>Quick sort
4>Merge sort

1 Tells you how to start sorting with help from computers.2 takes the same to an higher level and tells you better way of sorting.3 and 4 are the best sorting algorithms available.

Go in the same order if possible.And ya GOOGLING it or searching it on WIKIPEDIA would help you a lot.

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