I am using a Jtable in my application.I am entering values in last column of that table.Below the table, i have a Jbutton named as 'Save'.Suppose while clicking on 'Save', the entire row remains selected except the last cell in which I have entered the value.Then if I retrieve the contents from the Jtable using the function getValueAt(),I get a blank value.
How can I sove this problem?

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Would you mind post your coding so we can have look at it and find what is going wrong?

Unfortunately Peter this is not the first time srs_grp is writing such a poorly constructed post.

How many posts will it take for you to learn how to construct your threads and the information you should provide in your post. I have seen similar posts like these in the past with a vague description, no background information and either too little or no code at all (e.x. 1,2,3,4).

I strongly suggest you read the essay "How to ask questions the Smart Way" so that you can help us help you better.

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