Can somebody help me with this?

You are burning some music CDs for a party. You've arranged a list of songs in the order in which you want to play them. However, you would like to maximize your use of space on the CD, which holds 80 minutes of music. So, you want to figure out the total time for a group of songs and see how well they fit. Write and design a C++ program to help you do this. The data are on the file songs.dat. The time is entered as seconds. For example, if a song takes 7 minutes and 42 seconds to play, the data entered in the data file for that songs would be 462.

After all the data has been read, the application should print a message indicating the time remaining on the CD.

The output should be in the form of a table with columns and headings written on a file. For example:

Song Song Time Total Time
Number Minutes Seconds Minutes Seconds
------- ------- ------- ------- -------
1 5 10 5 10
2 7 42 12 52
3 4 19 17 11
4 4 33 21 44
5 10 27 32 11
6 8 55 41 6
7 5 0 46 6

There are 33 minutes and 54 seconds of space left on the 80 minute CD.

Note that the output converts the input from seconds to minutes and seconds. Use meaningful variable names, proper indentation, and appropriate comments. Thoroughly test the program using your own data sets.


Sounds like a fun homework assignment..... what code do you have so far?