Hi, my company have a big project now.
Which we have some video detection software and could create some investigation figure.
We want to do plug-in into the Powerpoint and i am kind of junior here. But i really want to do more in my company.
So i want to ask if i want to do a plug-in into Powerpoint which i can do?? Is there any reference i could read??
My programming background score is 5 (from score 0-10)

I'm not completely sure what your talking about, but did you look up "create powerpoint add in?"

Kind of.
Sorry about my english.
The thing is if i have a standalone software--for example: A.
I want to open A with both my standalone software and also PowerPoint. So its more easier for customer to analyze it in Office platform.
is this makes more confusing??
i am sorry but really need help.

You'd probably want to look up, "powerpoint file format." So you could just save it to that format. The documentation from MS is 118 pages though.

Don't waste a time with PowerPoint internal formats (especially as PowerPoint is not an analytical MS Office component). Better think about proper export formats: CSV and graphics files (png, gif, jpeg etc). There are lots of ready to use packages to create pictures (with diagrams). It's so easy to import these data in Office applications.

Yet another know-how ;):

You may write simple HTML containers for your application reports. MS Office applications (including PowerPoint) can import these reports, extract data tables etc.

But i don't want to open it as the diagrams format(which i couldn't edit).
I want to open it in PowerPoint in the original format which i also could edit in the PowerPoint.