Hi guys
i really appreciate someone can help me out with this book (C language, not C++):
# ISBN-10: 0-13-240416-8
# ISBN-13: 978-0-13-240416-7
Someone can share please, or PM me. i really need
Thanks in advanced

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Help you how? This book starts at the very beginning so if you don't understand it you may be in trouble...

Thanks for reply.
i'm student in programming at the moment at aptech center
i learnt C language before and i want to learn more about this one.
My teacher advise me to find some book of deitel, and i really like this one.
i dont know, With some other book i found and download at rapidshare or torrenting, but i cant found this one
Someone with a big heart can find a link to download for me, or ... buy it for me for free. because i dont have any payment method
I will remember and appreciate this

Sorry bud -- we don't condone downloading illegal copies of published books.

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