Hi all
i am having some problem with the logic. can someone help me with it please. i am doing a vb.net project say for example a company has a lot of branches. I need to print the sales report for all the branches. so when printing it should print sales record for each branch in different page. is that possible??
More Info: So i am sending a dataset with all the values. IN the end i need it to be printed out as how i have specified it above. please help.

Hello all
CAn some onehelp please..... thanks in advance...


It's actually quite easy.

1) Add a group for the Branch field

2) Right click on the Branch group footing

3) Click on Section Expert

4) Making sure the Branch Group Footer is selected, check the "New Page After" on the right.

5) You are done.

hi Jacob Silberstein
thanks and it worked. Thanks a lot for the answer