I'm a huge newbie and any help would be amazing and it would mean so much!!

I have to make a program that The application should display the addition, subtraction and multiplication problem on the screen, and switch depending on what the user wants to use, then allow the student to enter the answer, and then verify that the answer is correct. If the student's answer is not correct, the application should give him or her as many chances as necessary to answer the problem correctly. The problems displayed for the students into two levels. The first level should use numbers from 1 through 10 only; the problems for the second level should use numbers from 10 through 100. Which are each generated at random!! This application also wants to keep track of how many correct and incorrect responses the student makes.

And i swear this is our 2nd assignment and my teacher hasn't hasn't taught us any of this!!!

First, start easy. Think about what you need, and go from there. Ok, it needs to display stuff on the form... so what do you need? You need a label or a textbox (I'd go with a label). So, put it on the form where you want the math problem to show up. What's next? Ok, they can choose between add, subtract, and multiply. Now you have to ask, can this be mixed? Can one problem be addition, and the very next be multiplication, or if they choose addition, must all the problems be addition? If the first is true (can mix and match) then you would need checkboxes no? Checkboxes indicate that out of a group, more than one option is available for selection. If they can only choose one type of math at a time, then it would need to be option (radio) buttons, which allow you to choose only one option at a time. So, next, the student should be allowed to enter an answer... sounds like a good time to add a textbox, so they can enter an answer into it. Now we have to give them an option of two different levels, 1-10 and 10-100. That certainly can not be mixed and matched, so it sounds like a great place for radio/option buttons. You might want to put command buttons (push buttons) on the form too... so the user can quit the program, probably one to reset the form to its initial state, and maybe one to actually start the math problems flowing. Then organize all these things into a nice, tidy little form, and go from there.

Thanks soooo much at least this solves the problem of my form... i just need a lot more practice on figuring out how to connect the coding to the form... thats where i'm struggling but with ur explanation this helped organize how the form should look... thanks!!