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Please write java code for me.


Are you sure you have gone through the rules even once ???

Here some of them quoted specially for you :

Also, to keep DaniWeb a student-friendly place to learn, don't expect quick solutions to your homework. We'll help you get started and exchange algorithm ideas, but only if you show that you're willing to put in effort as well.

And a link to the announcement.


I want to show running time in java
Please write java code for me.

thanks in advance.

'java code'

see? I just wrote it for you.
this is the kind of application you should be able to write within about ten minutes.

run a thread, let it constantly refresh a JLabel (if you're writing a Swing app) to tell the exact current time of the system clock

you could even do it using less classes than given to you by javaAddict, but I'd take his way, if you want it to be decent.

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