...will you pls help me with regards about my project.. it was a database and i've already created a form (user interface form for inputing data) with visual basic 6.0.. my prblem is, if the user wants to edit the data he entered how does he do that?.. send me copy of codes for my command button EDIT.. thak you very much!

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Private Sub EditStudToolStripMenuItem_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles EditStudToolStripMenuItem.Click
Dim ListView As ListView
Opt = 2
Dim index As Integer
index = ListView.SelectedItems.Item(0).Index

S = StudentRec(index).StudNum
N = StudentRec(index).StudName
T1 = StudentRec(index).Test1
T2 = StudentRec(index).Test2
T3 = StudentRec(index).Test3
T4 = StudentRec(index).Test4
T5 = StudentRec(index).Test5
T6 = StudentRec(index).Test6

End Sube halp me with an edit code


208..., please read our posting rules. Open a NEW thread with your own question. In the question tell us what your problem is. The code you supplied above makes no sense. Where did the error occur etc.

Open the new post and I will gladly answer your question.

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