Hello! Please bear with me because I'm an amateur and this is difficult to explain.

I have a data table of about 40000 records, with a primary key column that is a long integer value from 0 to ~40000. The records in the table are in sequential order based on the value of this column (recordnum).

When I load the table into a dataset, a small number (about 70-80; records 15400 through 15483) of the records are being automatically re-arranged or something. For a simple demonstration in a chart format, skip the rest of this paragraph. I know this because when I check the value of [recordnum] from row 15400, the value is 15414. It continues in this fashion (i.e. row 15401 has a [recordnum] value of 15415) until row 15470, whose [recordnum] = 15400. Then, row 15471 has a [recordnum] of 15401 and so on until row 15484, which has a [recordnum] of 15484 (this is how it should be). The rest of the table is ordered correctly.


Is there something obvious that I'm missing or is this a common problem? Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? Thanks in advance for anyone who can help; I'd really appreciate it!



Anybody know of any reason that the order of my table would be manipulated when I populate the dataset with it (using the Fill() method of the OleDB data adapter)?