The following is a code that my teacher gave me .. I dont know the working of files in c++ :( this program is supposed to copy a datafile into another.. but its is not working ... many many errors.. fname1 and fname2 are already existing files,right? or fname2 is being created.. please help me understand the mechanism


class file
{char fname1[20],fname2[10];
ifstream infile;
ofstream outfile;
cout<<"Enter the first file name ";
cout<<"File doesnt exist";
cout<<"Enter the second file name ";
cout<<"file written successsfully ";
void file::closefile(){
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You got this code from a C++ Teacher? LOL Does'nt look like

Anyways, I prefer you should first read about files and streams rather than geting a readymade answer.
I can answer you thingy, I cam remake your whole code also, but then there is no point in doing it if you don't know about files in C++.

Go and read a text book. By the way, what text book are you consulting?
The program here is not at all tough, I am sure you will understand it( and will able to correct it too) once you know more about C++

So go and read Files and Streams in C++ as it is a important part in studying C++


Yes, GDICommander
It is (intend to be) a character by character copy.
But just look at the code, it is crap. Look at the loop, he is using .get() even in the output file.


buddy am from a small village in kerala and I have limited resources .. :( I refer the text prescribed by kerala govt education dept.. and I also refers OOP in c++ by balaguruswami ..The files in c++ section of my text is very brief. Could u refer a good book for me? or a website.. But I prefer a book.. a book which contain all about files an OOP concepts... Please help this little brother


I am not supposed to refer to a Java book in a C++ forum, but I suggest one of the books from Cay A. Hoffman. It is called: Big Java. There are nice chapters in this book that explain object-oriented programming. But be warned: this book is expensive.

The same author wrote an another book about C++. "Big C++" is the name.

cplusplus.com is a good reference for input and output operations with files.

It is good to have a book, but if you want my opinion, the best references are on the Internet. And again, Google is your friend!


on jeevsmyd
See jeevs, I didn't wanted to touch you on that. Just mark my words, you would definitely succeed as you have the hunger to do.
And for sure, I would help you. The book you are reading may be one of the best which is available nearby but it really crap. I would suggest a free online book, it is called Thinking In C++ by Bruce Eckel's http://www.mindview.net/Books/TICPP/ThinkingInCPP2e.html#DownloadingTheBook You should start reading the book from start. It will be very beneficial to you. Next is that, your curriculum, would require you to write the old c++ in your exams, do it. But always remember the Standard C++.
So, I hope you are getting me, and do start reading the book.

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