OK I'm an older guy that is a fluent Fortran programmer, so don't hold that against me :o), I'm really fluent in VB, C, Java but am new to C#, I'm finding that I'm actually picking it up very quickly...ok, shutup and cut to the chase....I'm working with a windows moble device 5.0, it has a barcode scanner (in fact they use them almost everywhere, walmart, walgreens etc.) but in my specific application
I need to send the scanned ascii string of data via bluetooth to a bluetooth usb interface emulating a comm port, everything works
hardware wise....I just can't find a decent SDK for it and I'd LOVE some sample code...please...any help? If I can receive it via
hyperterm on remote PC I can make it work....I'm stuck >:o(
Oh...just FYI, C# is my only option for this device.

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Thank you, anything helps at this point, The easiest solution
is to BUY the SDK....and I don't have the budget for it on
this project....so thanks for the tip

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