im not sure if this is the right place to post this doubt..
i have installed this cint interpreter 5.15
think is i dont want those many options and i want to reduce it to the bare minimum...but the thing is im not very strong in c/c++ and this whole thing is confusing.....i want a hint or a clue of how to begin and wer to begin.....
i have attached the zip file for the cint interpreter.....

thanks in advance.......

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# I want to understand CINT source code and want to make modification

CINT has many legacy code. Inside CINT is quite messy. I do not
recommend looking into the source code unless you have desparate reason.

From ROOT/CINT page:

CINT is written in C++ itself, with slightly less than 400,000 lines of code. ... For windows you will need to install the cygwin package to build CINT from sources.

It seems you don't like to lack depth ;)...


So where's the value/motivation for us to hack away at 400K lines of code just for your benefit?


thank you for the replies....yes i dont see the point in you cracking 400,00 lines of code....but cud give tell me if u wer to do this...wer wud u start.....and wat wud you be lookin for......
cause i need to find this out anyhow....and a lil bit of hint wud be of gr8 help.....
thank you:)


because you mentioned....are u able to install CInt 5.16....
i was not able to find the folder "platform"...hence had to go for Cint 5.15....

and i hav the source for 5.15....but the thing is its got so many c files and then equal number of cpp files...and to top in cxx files....i feel like a kid staring at oncoming tsunami....cud u tell me wer shud i start to look into the code.... i have no clue....:confused:


In theory it's possible to convert the North American Mustang to the Ford Mustang if you (or me) could add two wheels and cut off two consoles. But in practice...
And what for?..


the reason behind this adventure is the need for a C/C++ interpreter which has minimum dependencies...i want a c++ interpreter which is capable of only interpreting(no other dependencies)...once that is done(hopefully...) i have to add the feature of adding user defined libraries.....thats the goal....


May be better try to embed more lightweight (and supportable) script language interpreter (Lua, for example, or what else)...

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