hello friends.. i want your hep.. i m searching for a mini project in java.. so please suggest some project titles to me..waiting for your reply.. thanks
take care

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how about a little java program that randomly spits out a mini project title and description from a list. Heres the first one for your list.

Title="To do list"
Description="A GUI program to keep track of tasks you have and haven't done yet"

Hi dude.... i am searching for a java project title(major project)... can u pls give me some good project title ...i am waiting for ur reply .... thank u

shobshank, read the other 500 threads for "need project suggestion" or "final project help". Also, drop the "text-speak". Write properly or don't bother.

I want to do a mini project in java programming please suggest the simple code names

please suggest the topic names for mini project in java programming

Animation in Java
JDBC application
Statistics on English words obtained from a text file
Some demonstration on data structure

tell me any subjects of java project

commented: Project idea, create software to brainstorm project topics ideas for lazy students with zero imagination and no interest in their professional development -3

Closing this multiply resurrected zombie now.

Hi everyone! am suposed to do a mini project! say me an interesting problem statement which can be solved either by java or c sharp.

Abira: learn how to read dates (and previous posts)
this is an ancient thread that shouldn't have been revived.

secondly: learn how to use a search function. this question has been asked more than filosofers have debated over the "chicken - egg" problem.
there have tons of suggestions been given already, just like a lot of times we explained why it's best NOT to ask other people for ideas.

on top right, there's a textfield with that cool looking 'search' button next to it. use it.

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