private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            string file = Application.ExecutablePath;
                         string  test = "\\";
            int start;
            start = file.Length;
            int lPos;
            lPos = file.IndexOf(test, start);


First Question

I want to ask dat y in variable file \\ are can I replace \\ by \
If I write the Foll. Statement-


Everything is fine.n is replaced by a

But If I write statement-


Errors are there-
1)Too many characters in character literal
2)Newline in constant
3) ) expected
4); expected

Second Question
I want to find the position of \ in file from last.

because \ treats the next character as litteral/escape so \\ actually would be \ in reality

'\\' is not a character litteral. A character is always one character symbol enclosed in single quotes.

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