on my homework it says, Bootstrap loader: int 19h

now on my reading it's like restarting the computer.. i just really don't know how to apply it on a tasm..

i wish someone can help me or teach me how to use this 'int 19h'..

even just for a simple hello world how can i use this.. will this really make my pc restart or something?


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Are you really using DOS?

Actual DOS, with the full black screen all the time, with a C:\> prompt?

Because I'm pretty sure that trying this in a NTVDM emulation, or a win32 console just isn't going to work.

Info on interrupts

Info on what happens next (or first, depending on your POV)

Hi, so it'll just work if I'm on a real DOS? I mean, if I'am working in windows seven with the cmd window open it won't work?

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