Help!!!!anyone who has the idea of creating a simple assembly games!!!please!please!!!even without the codes..just the idea of what kind of game...It's important for me...It's for our final project in Assembly...Thank you!

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One that I've done and called it Phrase Guess was pretty simple. Allow player to enter a phrase or sentence, pretty well anything, including a clue. Then it's redisplayed with just underscores but in a way you can tell how many words there are and number of letters in each one. Assign weight values to each letter. For example 'E',s and vowels would have a value of 10 and the least common letter would have one.

I could go on for quite a while, but if you are interested in this one then start here first and I will help you as you go on or at leaset try. I don't have a linux box anymore so if your using ncurse your pretty well on your own as far as the interface goes.

Actually I understand only few topics in our subject which is about assembly because our teacher is just reading the notes and don't discuss further and explain what's the content all about. Then after the lecture, she will give us an exercise and luckily sometimes I can make it. We are using linux. Can you give me just the part of your code??If it's ok to you. Thank you. Have a good day!

Actually, I won't give you any code. This is in part to the fact and like I said I don't have a linux box. You probably won't find anyone else to give you code on this site either. What I can do for you though, is start breaking it down and then you build the code for each part and I can verify for you whether it's going to work or not.

Actually I don't have any idea yet for my project...I don't know what kind of game or any kind of project I'd like to make...Please help me...thank you...have a good day!

Actually I don't have any idea yet for my project...I don't know what kind of game or any kind of project I'd like to make

I've already given you one idea, apart from that there's not much I can do until you decide on something

ahay...i don't know what to do now...i don't know where to start.....

Post notes on all the things you want the program to do and what the user interface is going to look like.

#1: Maximum length of input
#2: Number of players
#3: Scroing method
#4: Ability to save games/scores (yes/no)
#5: Clue(s)

To give yourself control over keyboard, color and cursor positioning I would recommend curses library, but termio works alright too.

So basically think of the program as you conceptualize it virtually then start making notes as if you were actually playing it. Assuming you want to do the app I've mentioned earlier, I would start with the entry and then center it vertically and horizonally on the screen only using 60% of the screens width.



----- -- ----- ------ ---- ---


So as player selects letters they will disappear from display below and if applicable replace '-''s. The scoring method I used was give each letter a wieght value of 1 to 10. 10 being most frequently used letter, usually vowels and 1 to least used like 'X'

If you next post doesn't have any meaningful code then there's not much point going on, because I'm not going to start writing the program for you.

hi...gud day!!!
i really appreciated your effort for helping me..our teacher decided that our project will be composed of 2 members so i already have my partner and I decided to work for a game which is about memory..or pair of we gonna work for it..actually we haven't decided yet what will be our approach...i would like to say thank very much!!!!god bless...again have a nice day! i'm gonna ask you if it's alright to ask anything regarding our project???thank you!!!

Sure, would be glad to help if you need it.

ok...thank you very....i'll ask for help if there's a problem...

i want to do project on games please can u help me?

i want to do project on games please can u help me?

Post a new thread, and I assume you've read all the posts in this one so be a little more informative of what you have in mind. Make your subject line representative of your intentions and we'll take if from there.

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argh. now I'm having the same problem too. I'm not good with programming but I can confidently say that I'm good on tinkering computers and other stuff(just saying). eh, I've read your thread and I'm totally clueless what you guys are talking about. I've looked in the web but its hopeless. What ami I gonna do?! (T_T)

This topic is pretty old, I doubt anyone will reply to your question Cuago.

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