System.out.println("Character at position " + (place+1) + " is: " + charAt(place));

Look at the examples people were kind enough to give you. Do you use the charAt() method in the same way as they do? Is not there anything missing? I would say charAt() needs to be "applied" to "something". A string maybe?
You are obviously posting too quickly, and not looking thoroughly enough the answers you were provided with. Looks like you just want to get rid of it, which is not going to be really appreciated in any kind of forums... With this approach you might reduced your chances to receive help.

I get an error stating that the operator + cannot be applied to the charAt function. I tried replacing the + with commas and I still got an error, what should I do?

Why on Earth would you do that? I can understand you feel a bit lost, but do not try solutions at random. You are probabilistically 99.99% sure not to find the correct answer. And if someday you do, I suggest you play lotto :) Try to understand. It will take some time at the beginning, but the one you will save in the future is definitely worth it. Use API and be confident you will get to your intended results. There is only one thing we need to know to be successful in all aspects of our life, especially in programming: learn how to learn...

About the modulus... No comments! It is up to you if you want to do things rather properly or not.


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