Norbert Quest is back! I'll be updating the game regularly, and I still need to work on the save mechanism. Other than that, everything seems to work fine. I'll post the code up later today. The reason I haven't been on at all these past 4 months is because I've recently discovered the program Scratch which is a way easier program and it can make games (though not complex ones) easily. However, I plan to finish what I started here.

Note: The original goal of this game was to offer some hours of entertainment, and perhaps be a game you play when you're bored or you're internet is out. In future updates, there will be lots of locations based on your level, and hundreds of more monsters, weapons, armor, and a government ranks variable to keep the game fun. The only downside is that you'll probably have to start over again if you get the later updates, unless you can change the numbers in the program yourself to make them identical to your old stats. The level system will be unlimited, meaning if you play long enough, you'll eventually reach level 4235, have 65 million HP, and hit in the hundred thousands, or even millions.The monsters also somewhat adapt to your level, and there'll always be stronger (though old species) monsters to fight.

if you post what y our having problems with on the save function i could take a look at it...

not making any promises though...

I'm gonna start from Scratch on the project, and then re-read those other guys' posts and change it up a bit, and then post it.

PS. The 'pretty' programming isn't meant to be like that, it's meant to be simplified.

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