Write a program that calculates the value of x using these two formulae:

w = (22102 * -12)/(18 – 3)

x = (12032/w) * (2354 + 34)

Use the properly-sized signed or unsigned operands as appropriate. Demonstrate that your answer is correct by using the debugging software to walk through the program instruction by instruction. Take a screen shot of the debugging window that shows the value of every register and the named memory locations after each instruction executes.

I just learned about some calculation, and it's confusing me working on this exercise. Please help me if you can. Thank you very much.

I am completely clueless with that, I'm gonna learn through practice and example. It's not a part of homework or something, I just try to get some idea about that.

For example: how to multiply two 16 bits number and print out the result that is 32 bits number.

I read the book by myself so some time I get difficult understand these parts.