Hi friends i am doing the snake game program for Set top Box . I am Facing problem when i get the remote control keys.

if i press the up,down,right,left keys when program is running ,program does not response .once game is over then it is taking the values from keys.

Please help to solve this problem

Note : i am getting the keys through the MENU_GameKeys function,

and game starts at runsnake function

I post some parts of code here.........

Advance thanks for helping

You're going to have to give more info, and preferably less code. What (non-standard) libaries are you using? For example, is FGS_GetCurrentKeyCode() a library function? Also, what does this mean exactly: "once game is over then it is taking the values from keys".

FGS_GetCurrentKeyCode() means some driver library function in set top box.

if i press the keys ,while running the game that time snake did not move according to the key directions..

Once game is over . Then it takes the key value and move according to the pressed key direction when i am running snake game again.

Please help me



That's very strange. I don't know what the problem is.