Hi there,

we are currently deverloping a simple game for school project. As title shows, I'm talking about space invaders game (we use OpenGL & C#).

We have actuaally made the game run in the mode that everything is displayed as red or yellow circles (textures are not yet implemented). It is also important to mention that game is 2D.

The problem is that when we move the ship, it lags. All the invaders move swiftly but the ship doesn't move smoothly.

Our teacher said the proble is in implementation. He suggested that we should use some kind of controller that would give priorities to all moving objects (for example - the ship would have higher priority when refreshing the screen so it moves smoothly).

So finally the question - Has anyone ever done such a thing and possibly can give us few tips about how to do such thing?

Thx in advance!

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Don't really understand though. How you wrote your game anyways? I'm writing a tutorial about this game using C# but with XNA instead of OpenGL. If you want I could send you the tutorial, I think they should be the same idea.

Hi there

thx for reply! Could you send the tutorial to <snip -- just post link> Thx

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