Hi ,
i have a project in having two classes TreeDisplay(Form.cs) and MytreeNode class in same namespace.:)
TreeDisplay class contains all the GUI related stuff like Browse button textbox , label,progress bar and TReeView. I want the user to select a XML file through browse button which will be displayed in textbox.The Xml file selected will be displayed in Treeview on winform.:(
Now i want to separate the GUI part from business logic(where i am creating treenode and adding nodes to tree) thats why i created the MytreeNode class. :S

i want to pass the string file path from my TreeDisplay class to Mytreenode class.
i want to initialize with file path.
I think something related with Uri "to use a class for xml related logic taking xml file "uri" as initializer."
How to use URI in passing the xml file to MytreeNode class?
Can you help me to do this?:-/
Hope to hear soon.....

Well it depends a lot on whats in your mytreenodeclass.

Short answer is, pass the URL in the constructor.

Mytreenode class is like this.....

internal void initiatingTree(string nameofFile)
            XmlDocument xmlDocument = new XmlDocument();
            if (xmlDocument.DocumentElement != null)
                if (true) treeView1.Nodes.Add(new TreeNode(xmlDocument.DocumentElement.Name));
            TreeNode tNodeObj = new TreeNode();
            tNodeObj = treeView1.Nodes[0];
            if (true)
                XmlNode xNode = xmlDocument.DocumentElement;
                AddNodes(xNode, tNodeObj);

My treeview is also in error here since i am taking up the treeview GUI from my TreeDisplay class(Form.cs).
How to do this?? Thanks

Thats not a class, thats just a method

You would need to pass the treeview, or return collection of nodes.

i mean MytreeNodeClass starts like this

public partial class MytreeNodeClass
        public MytreeNodeClass(string filepath)
        internal void initiatingTree(string nameofFile)
           //code here is already posted...

Now can you tell me how to use uri and where?
Also how to return collection of nodes.