Hi, I use the code below for an bitmap image and it works great. The only problem is after I use system("cls") or when the scroller goes down it cuts the image. I use compiler Dev-C++ and my OS is Windows XP and I have also vista.

I was thinking redrawing the image would solve the problem but how can I do that? I have tried pasting the command inside main 2 or 3 times but it wont work. Any solution to this?

// put a bitmap image on a Windows Console display
// BCX basic original by Joe Caverly and Kevin Diggins
// BCX generated C code modified for PellesC/Dev-C++
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <windows.h>    // Win32Api Header File 
static HWND  hConWnd;

HWND BCX_Bitmap(char*,HWND=0,int=0,int=0,int=0,int=0,int=0,int=0,int=0,int=0);
HWND GetConsoleWndHandle(void);

int main()
  hConWnd = GetConsoleWndHandle();
  if (hConWnd)
    // select a bitmap file you have or use one of the files in the Windows folder
    // filename, handle, ID, ulcX, ulcY, width, height   0,0 auto-adjusts
    getchar();  // wait
  return 0;

// draw the bitmap
HWND BCX_Bitmap(char* Text,HWND hWnd,int id,int X,int Y,int W,int H,int Res,int Style,int Exstyle)
  HBITMAP hBitmap;
  // set default style
  // form for the image
  A = CreateWindowEx(Exstyle,"static",NULL,Style,X,Y,0,0,hWnd,(HMENU)id,GetModuleHandle(0),NULL);
  // Text contains filename

  // auto-adjust width and height
  if (W || H) hBitmap = (HBITMAP)CopyImage(hBitmap,IMAGE_BITMAP,W,H,LR_COPYRETURNORG);
  if (W || H) SetWindowPos(A,HWND_TOP,X,Y,W,H,SWP_DRAWFRAME);
  return A;

// tricking Windows just a little ...
HWND GetConsoleWndHandle(void)
  HWND hConWnd;
  char szTempTitle[64], szClassName[128], szOriginalTitle[1024];

  os.dwOSVersionInfoSize = sizeof( OSVERSIONINFO );
  GetVersionEx( &os );
  // may not work on WIN9x
  if ( os.dwPlatformId == VER_PLATFORM_WIN32s ) return 0;

  GetConsoleTitle( szOriginalTitle, sizeof ( szOriginalTitle ) );
  sprintf( szTempTitle,"%u - %u", GetTickCount(), GetCurrentProcessId() );
  SetConsoleTitle( szTempTitle );
  Sleep( 40 );
  // handle for NT and XP
  hConWnd = FindWindow( NULL, szTempTitle );
  SetConsoleTitle( szOriginalTitle );

  // may not work on WIN9x
  if ( os.dwPlatformId == VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_WINDOWS )
    hConWnd = GetWindow( hConWnd, GW_CHILD );
    if ( hConWnd == NULL ) return 0;
    GetClassName( hConWnd, szClassName, sizeof ( szClassName ) );
    // while ( _stricmp( szClassName, "ttyGrab" ) != 0 )
    while ( strcmp( szClassName, "ttyGrab" ) != 0 )
      hConWnd = GetNextWindow( hConWnd, GW_HWNDNEXT );
      if ( hConWnd == NULL ) return 0;
      GetClassName( hConWnd, szClassName, sizeof( szClassName ) );
  return hConWnd;
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It's a wrong and newbie code, which doesn't work at all of course, as it's a very bad idea to create a static control as child of console window.
And SetConsoleTitle() is awful to get the console window, instead of the right api.

You must use windows subsystem to display bitmaps.

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