Hello everyone...
Im really lucky to find this site..I have been struggling hard to start of my project, thats when my friend refered me to this site..

My project is basically a kind of search engine..
I have collected all the software required for this..

Given below is the description of my project..

Given a keyword and a set of descriptions. Only one description is the answer for the keyword. This can be done manually by browsing through all the descriptions and extracting the right one.

The following case explains the problem in details

Keyword: Gear Box


Gearbox oil cap
Gear manual
Box Top up for Gears
Gear Box 50Hz 250W
Gear brake cover up box

The right description for the keyword gearbox is Gear Box 50Hz 250W. The person who is search for the same knows it and then he finds it.

And did your friend also let you know that help is only offered to those who demonstrate some effort, as stated in the community rules and many announcement threads scattered throughout the forums?

Post what you have so far or at least some specific questions related to the areas that you are struggling with. "Tell me how to do this" doesn't really indicate much effort or thought on your part.

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If that is how your search engine works, all you need to do is search through each String character by character, trying to match the current substring to your current search term. If you don't know any programming languages then you shouldn't be tackling this project, you should be learning the basics. If you do, then try the problem and let us know any specific difficulties you are having, where the problem lies, etc.