Hi all!

I've been learning C# on my own for a couple of months now and am getting to a point where I can start actually creating a program.

A few days ago I fired up brain trainer 2 and one of the games was a Mastermind kind of game and that got me thinking... I can do that too!

So I did and it worked. (yay ^_^)

Now I'm anxious to try a new game but don't know what... It needs to be REAL simple though!

Anybody have any clues?

Tic-Tac-Toe? Try to imitate MineSweeper. The Game of Life?
The only limitation is your own imagination. Why not invent a totally new game?

Thanks for replying!

I'll try the link for sure, will try to do that in a few hours even.

Tic-tac-toe has crossed my mind, mindsweeper too, but i'm still at the very basics of programming ;) (funny story, only while creating my Mastermind-game did I learn how to access imported resources and how to interchange picturefiles :P)

I think I can manage Minesweeper and a 2 player Tic-tac-toe should be doable too....

Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll try them all! But I'm also still open for suggestions ;)

It's just cross my mind. I made the Light out game for my friend to teach him Javascript. You could try it :D.