i would like to ask something about a program that i am trying to do. I wrote the program but i cant find where is my fault and doesnt check the right day for the february. I sent you my program, if anybody has something to suggest. The suggestion of the exercise doesnt recomment leap loop just only the m[]. Thank you in advance ......mp

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int get_date(int day,int month,int year);

void main(){
int day,year,month;

    cout<<"day: ";
    cout<<"month: ";
    cout<<"year: ";
    int get_date (int day,int month,int year){

    int m[12]={31,28,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31};

 if ((day>0 && day<31) && (month>0 && month<=12) && year>0)
    if((year%4)==0) m[1]=29;
     if (day<=m[month-1])
         cout<<"H imerominia einai: "<<day<<"-"<<month<<"-"<<year;
 return 0;


You don't say anything about the output you're getting, but I can see a couple of problems.
In this line

if ((day>0 && day<31) && (month>0 && month<=12) && year>0)

you're not allowing a day of 31 to be accepted, so make it day<=31.
Also, regarding the Febuary problem, you're algorithm for detecting a leap year is too simple. ((year%4)==0) is a start, but you must go further because every hundred years (determined a leap year by ((year%4)==0), the extra day is not required. Then you must go further still because every 400 years (just omitted from being a leap year by the hundred year rule) the extra day is again required. It shouldn't be too hard Google some leap year algorithms.