I am new here. Actually i wanted some help with a problem that's disturbing me. I am new to the programming world, and so, i don exactly know if this is the right thread. Am sorry if it is a wrong one.

Anyways, back to my question, it's about .dll file editing.

There is a .dll file, and i need to edit a small line in it. Actually, it's like a comment, and i want to change it to some other sentence. Like, instead of "hello" to "hi" (an example)

So, i've already tried PE Explorer, but cant find where to edit it.

I can give you the file if you want, and tell you what i want to change. But i would greatly appreciate if you could tell me how am i going to edit it, what program to use (a link if possible)

Thanks a lot in advance and waiting for replies!


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Well, I did not mean that everyone else's problems are unimportant.. i guess you interpreted it the wrong way, neither was i asking anyone to forget everything and help me here.. so.. you DID interpret my plea the wrong way..

anyways, i did search a lot on google, but except for PE Explorer, nothing else turned up..

neways, thanks for the links, BUT, none of the results are "DLL EDITORS" so.. well.. thanks anyways, and i am still hoping for a few more replies, although i again not asking anyone to help me and only me, everyone else's problems are equally important!



You need a resource editor like "Resource Hacker" which can show you the resource section (where icons, cursors and strings are stored in an EXE,DLL file) of an exe or a DLL file. Actually you can do the same thing with a simple HEX editor too. Just remember that if you use a HEX editor you can't change a string with a longer one and you need to put an extra 0x00 character after the last letter of your string.

Loren Soth

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