I am new here. Actually i wanted some help with a problem that's disturbing me. I am new to the programming world, and so, i don exactly know if this is the right thread. Am sorry if it is a wrong one.

Anyways, back to my question, it's about .dll file editing.

There is a .dll file, and i need to edit a small line in it. Actually, it's like a comment, and i want to change it to some other sentence. Like, instead of "hello" to "hi" (an example)

So, i've already tried PE Explorer, but cant find where to edit it.

I can give you the file if you want, and tell you what i want to change. But i would greatly appreciate if you could tell me how am i going to edit it, what program to use (a link if possible)

Thanks a lot in advance and waiting for replies!


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I guess everyone else's problems aren't real or imporant?

Anywho, you'd probably need the source that the DLL was built from to do it, at least the easiest.

But by merely doing a Google search for "DLL edit" I got a page full of results http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Best/free-dll-editor.html including that site which lists a bunch of free DLL editing software programs.

Well, I did not mean that everyone else's problems are unimportant.. i guess you interpreted it the wrong way, neither was i asking anyone to forget everything and help me here.. so.. you DID interpret my plea the wrong way..

anyways, i did search a lot on google, but except for PE Explorer, nothing else turned up..

neways, thanks for the links, BUT, none of the results are "DLL EDITORS" so.. well.. thanks anyways, and i am still hoping for a few more replies, although i again not asking anyone to help me and only me, everyone else's problems are equally important!


You need a resource editor like "Resource Hacker" which can show you the resource section (where icons, cursors and strings are stored in an EXE,DLL file) of an exe or a DLL file. Actually you can do the same thing with a simple HEX editor too. Just remember that if you use a HEX editor you can't change a string with a longer one and you need to put an extra 0x00 character after the last letter of your string.

Loren Soth

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