I'm not sure if this is even possible (please help me if it is). But I need to make a python code that will grab a certain portion from a website, and save it temporary. Let me explain. This program audits nations (this is a game) and displays a code after the audit is complete. I want to grab that output from the website (the audit info) and store it so I can audit 20 nations in a row and have it automatically take and store those 20 audits so at the end I can acess the code from all of the 20 audits that it automatically took from the website. Is this possible? and if so how would I program this?

You could start looking in this recent thread, how information was grabbed from a web site http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread179633.html using the urllib2 module to read the web pages and the BeautifulSoup module (not in the standard library) to extract information from the pages.