Having a big project and having to compile it in order to run it each time, takes long time.
I want to run it without build stage if possible(provided that i didnt make any change to source codes).

Any ideas?


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you could just run the .exe that it's in the Debug folder after each build.

good idea, maybe i can add that .exe as a link to my project to get around browsing and locating it.


The exe is the compiled solution, all exes have already been compiled as well

if you are in a winforms app, it needs to be compiled before running it, if you are in asp.net you can set the project not to be built until specifically build the project

if your project is getting to be that large, then possibly separate your reference dlls out into a separate solution, and build those when necessary, and have the main app reference the dlls rather than projects

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very good real-world use case here.
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