I have a project in asp.net which includes mssql database. when i tried
to back it up simply by copying the folder, I then tried to open the project through visual studio, but it did not open.
So how can i back up my project ?
also my operting system is vista, how can i transfer the project to another computer with win xp os?
(the project also has ajax components does that complicate things?)

thx a lot Nati.

You can't backup a databa file by just copying the folder.
Do you have SQL Server Management Studio???

thx for your reply anuj576,

looked at my programs and saw only the following sql related progs:
ms sql server 2005.
ms sql server DB publishing wizard

can one of those help?
or do i need SQL Server Management Studio?

if you want to take the backup of your DB then the management studio allows you to backup the tables as a script which is saved as .sql file. Later you can run the same script in sql server.
In this way, you can take backup of your databases tables.
But Sql Server Client does not provide you with this feature. In that case you have to manually take the backup.

Hi anuj and thx,

i've downloaded the management studio express, and saw it had
a backup feature. ill play with it a bit and see how does it work thx.

just a small clarification, this script how do i run it?
after i run it will the VS be able to run the web site, or should i change some things in the config file?

Run the script in the management studio itself. I think you would only have to change the connection string and everything should remain the same.