Hi :)
I've been working on a program written in C and C++ for a while now. I built and ran the program and it worked perfectly, then saved it to my USB. I then formatted my computer and reinstalled Visual Studio 2005 professional edition, installed service pack 1 and the update for windows vista. For the same program, it now tells me that CByteArray is an undeclared identifier. The only thing I can think of that I might have done wrong is when it asks something like: "what language do you usually use?" I chose the general option, even though before I may have chosen C++.
Does anyone have any idea what's wrong? It's driving me crazy!
Thanks in advance

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k I guess I can't edit my post, but the thing I thought I might have done wrong really was the problem. Fixed the environment settings to C++ and it's working fine =) I'm so happy! thanks for reading

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