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<heading>Monthly Specials at the Jazz Warehouse</heading>
<body>Here are some of the latest specials from the Jazz Warehouse. Please note that all Miles Davis and John Coltrane CDs will be on sale for the month of March.</body>
<subheading>Kind of Blue</subheading>
<author>Miles Davis</author>
<price>US: $11.99 	UK: £8.39</price>
<dot>So What</dot>
<dot>Frddie Freeloader</dot>
<dot>Blue in Green</dot>
<dot>All Blues</dot>
<dot>Flamenco Sketches</dot>
<author>Miles Davis</author>
<price>US: $7.99        UK: £5.59</price>
<dot>My Funny Valentine</dot>
<dot>Blues by Five</dot>
<subheading>Blue Train</subheading>
<author>John Coltrane</author>
<price>US: $8.99          UK: £6.29</price>
<dot>Blue Train</dot>
<dot>Moment's Notice</dot>
<dot>I'm Old Fashioneds</dot>
<dot>Lazy Bird</dot>

Look at <price>US: $8.99 UK: £6.29</price> I want to know how can I post space between them?

What do you mean "post space between them"?

What do you mean "post space between them"?

I mean when I tried to validation of my work and see if it worked. I really like to see if it is possible to have space between like:

<price>US: $11.99 UK: £8.39</price>
I hope you get it what I am trying to say??

I don't understand, no.

Of course it's possible to have a space between them. And you can check if some particular file has that space, too.

I think the intention is to reduce all the spaces between the values in the xml to just one.