Hi Everybody,

I was wondering if there was a way to take a string in a java project and put it in the username field (like the field on http://www.inquiryBio.com/WEBPROTECT-job.htm ) of another program. I think you may have to access another class somewhere else.Just so you know... I'm doing this on my own free will. It's not for a class.


PS: I was wondering if you could also give me the code and not just an explanation

i think you misunderstood me. I want my porgram to automatically log me into a website's secure server (ie: i want my program to enter the string username into the username field on gmail.com and enter the string password in the password field on gmail.com.


Sorry for being unclear. I hope I was more clear this time,

I doubt it. I'm sure that they got protection against something like that, because otherwise there would already be hundreds of password cracking programs out there that constantly tried differen't combinations of password. Maybe I'm wrong, but I still don't think it's possible.

hmmm... well as long as you could post the data to there website, I have absolutely no clue as to how to even attempt this. I don't know if you could do this with gmail since there website is so javascript intensive.

But just visit gmail and search for all the form parameters, not just the username and password one but all the hidden fields you will see them in the source code
<input type="hidden" name="something" value="something-else">
and find out where all this information is being posted to under the action parameter

dont want to sound stupid but if you can just do keystrokes instead of trying to put the data in the fields e.g
yahoo you have to tab a couple of times and you get to the email username.
then just keystroke that in then tab and them password.
I dont know if this is possible but another way to get round the problem.

i hope this makes sense.



that makes sense, but i don't think it's possible. If anybody does know how to do that, please tell me.


some servers like that allow for an highly unsecure method which is unsecure it works with (i think) this works only for .htaccess file type login (I'm not sure what the equivalent is for ms windows)


this worked on the site you metioned but the problem with this method is that it may leave your username/password saved in the address bar of your web browser

it works on the website you provided, but being as that I don't have a valid password to log in, it won't work for me, but here is the example:


thank you, but both links dont work. The username + password 4 that page is:
USERNAME: brector
PASSWORD: griffin