What editor/compiler does everyone use,
what is your syntax highlighting like?

I'm using programmer's notepad 2, with a gcc win32 port...
with a stylish green-identifier, gray-text, white-operator, blue-comment, red literal on black background.

Well, I don't suppose you should create thread like these.
BTW, I use Emacs with g++ command line on my Linux Box.
I also sometime uses Gedit( the default gnome text editor) with some plug in to make compilation easy.

why not? It is a forum... and I tried learning emacs but it got old quickly, I prefer using vim on *nix

Well, according to me: Its the knowledge about language that counts rather than what tools/text editor you use. Though I believe that compiler plays a important role in programming

> What editor / compiler are you using?

I'm using Code::Blocks (not an editor but an IDE) with the MinGW compiler on Windows 2000 Professional (the best Operating System M$ ever made, has never crashed up until now and works smoothly)

For some people who ask themselves why I'm using W2K nowadays:

My reason of using Windows 2000 nowadays is:
-> 'If it ain't broken, don't fix it' -> I'm stuck with some old P3's
(I have a new(er) computer, which theoretically is better, but practically it's just badder)

What's your syntax highlighting like?
Check out the screenshots at: http://www.codeblocks.org/screenshots

>I'm using Code::Blocks with the MinGW compiler
Code::Blocks is a great IDE for sure. I use it when working on a BIG project within a group. As many programmers around me are not 'comfortable' with command line, they say.
Code::Block surely catches eye.

Regarding M$,
I (as Linux users) doesn't go against M$. But the fact remain that I am a OS/FSF fan and ideas of M$ do not fit into minds.
I am just waiting for the day, when everyone would be using a free operating system,(again, free not as in 'free beer' but as in 'freedom of speech')

You may ignore whatever you I said about M$ and remember that "try to use the tools your neighbor uses" so that If you ran into trouble, you can ask help from neighbors.;)

I have nothing against Linux, I'm using it on one of my pc's (CentOS -> ultra fast and stable) it's just the ideal OS if you want to program, but since I'm stuck with some old P3's, I think W2K is the best for them, it's definitely not XP (or Virusses Intruders Spyware Trojans and Adware, with the abbreviation of VISTA ;) )

> Well, according to me: Its the knowledge about language that counts rather than what tools/text editor you use.

yeah, good point.

Also, I may have to give Code::Blocks a try, it looks pretty good.

emacs if i'm going to code for more than 5 minutes otherwise vim.
sometimes I'm using emacs with speedbar and gud mode.

But mostly I'm sitting in a term over ssh,
so 90% of the time I'm using emacs with the -nw option.

I would really like to use vim more,
but the indentation is really inferior to the emacs indentation.
Pressing tab will indent to the correct column according to you scope.
Vim basicly just indents to whatever you have set your tab width to.

I tried a .vimrc hack that were supposed to do it emacs style,
but then it messed up my Makefiles.

I'm in no way trying to convert ppl to using a commandline for everything. I started up using all kinds of gui.

But using an terminal for everything is basicly making me more productive.