Ok, so im having trouble with this program and dunno where to start, or end. if anyone is bored and can help out would be great.

1. The regular rate for a call is $0.10 per minute
2. Any call started at or after 6:00pm (1800 hours) but before 8:00 am (0800) is discounted 50%
3. Any call longer than 60 minutes receives a 15% discount on its cost (after any other discount is subtracted).
4. All calls are subject to a 4% federal tax on their final cost.

Write a program that reads the start time for a call based on a 24-hour clock and the length of the call(Military Hours). Your report should show the gross cost (before any discounts or tax) , the disount (even if it is 0), the tax, and finally the net cost (after discounts are deducted and tax is added).

>dunno where to start
This means you're overwhelmed with the complexity of the task. Break it down into smaller, simpler tasks until you aren't overwhelmed. Then solve them individually and put them together to get the final program.

Please do at least some effort to write some code ...
And when you're really stuck we'll help you ...

It still amuses me to see stuff like:

(after any other discount is subtracted).

It doesn't matter what order you apply you % discounts.

However, rather than that : this is c++ the advantage that gives you (along with many other languages) is you can code stuff as functions or classes. That helps break your problem down.

So maybe you want to think about it in terms of a function. So
write a function to take a number and apply a % change (either +ve or -ve). The you are half way there. you will benefit greatly by actually putting that function into a program that calls it, and allows you to test it.

you could also set up a function to determine the number of minutes between two times.

Then maybe write a class to set and get information like time start/time end/cost/fedral tax/discount etc.

That way you have more problems but they are all easier.