help!!!... i have homework to create a simple address book in Visual C++

it should Add, Delete, Modify, Display A Record using classes/class, file handling & structure...

It would be a big favor doing it..

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As it is *your* homework, we should not be doing it for you. But, we can give you some ideas.

1) Each one of your steps (add, delete) should be a unique different function
2) You will need menus / options to open and save the file
3) Need to decide if you will use a binary file, or a text one
4) Need to decide how you will handle empty / bad data inside of the structure
5) I think you are going to need to know how many bytes each of your structures will require.
6) Be sure to comment in your code what each part is doing.
7) For extra credit, I would make the display record option to be nice and eye-candy. Use bolds, colored boxes, that sort of thing. Make it nice.

Enjoy your coding. Sometimes, I wish I was back in school. :)


commented: Nice and very detailed analysis of the problem :) +1

Write a program to create an addressbook. The program should provide the following operations.
1- Load the data into the addressbook from a disk.
2- Sort the address book by last name (must use a sorting alorithm)
3- Search for a person by last name
4- Print the address, phone number, and date of birth of a given person.
5- Print the names of the people whose birthdays are in a a given months.
6- Print the names of all the people between two last names.

The program will use a class call addressbook type with appropriate members. The class data should be stored in a linked list. The program should be meun driven to make testing easier.

Sounds like a class will be useful to implement it ...

Write a program to create an addressbook.

So you've bumped a five year old thread to ask us to do your homework for you? That's not how the cookie crumbles. Here's how you can get your answer:

- read this first
- Start a new thread with your question
- Show what you've done so far. Show code or tell us how you think the problem should be solved.

and choosing a username like U_musthlp doesn't help you case either. I don't have to do a damn thing if I don't feel like it...

) AddressBook ( )
This function has three arrays

  1. First array is of contact names
  2. Second array is of their numbers
  3. Third array is of their addresses
     These arrays will be initialized in the function.
     User will not give any input.
    Sample output
    Name Number Address
    Jane 12345 Street 1
    John 67890 Street
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