i used following command to overcome edit-compile-run cycle while working with vim editor.
:set makeprg=g++\ %

then i ran the
:make command

every thing worked fine except that instead of jumping to the first error line in my file
the vim editor shows that "type command or press enter to continue".but when i press enter then it goes to some file called backward_warning.h:.
after doing some googling i found out that it was because i was using header file <iostream.h> instead of <iostream>.eventually i will move to new standrd which uses <iostream> ,but for the time being i want to continue with iostream.h.
any idea how can i skip the warning while using make utility inside the vim editor.

thanks in advance

Just use <iostream> there is nearly no syntax difference and your program might not compile on all compilers

thanks it works well with <iostream> but i'll have to make change in all the files i have made. any way thanks again for your quick reply i will surely try this.

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