I have a couple of classes and I am trying to do the following:

I have a main class that contains a boolean value called "display" that displays various messages throughout the class depending on true/false values.

Main class example:

public static void main (String[] args)
     boolean display;

      switch (input1)
             case 'A':   
               System.out.print("please enter value");
               inputInfo = stdin.readLine().trim();
               A.B(inputInfo); // call method B in class A
               if (display == true)
                System.out.print("Not Found");

Class A example:

public class A{

public boolean B(String input)
    //not sure how to return a boolean so it is recognized by main class in switch case A


Now the main class calls another class method, we can call the class A and the method B.

Now from method B i am trying to return a value for the boolean that is declared in main class. However i have tried doing something like:

return false;

But that does not work. Does anyone know how i get the main class to recognize the false/true return type from method B and assign it to its own boolean "display" ?


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boolean display = A.B(inputInfo);

The return statement you used is legal. You can return false, true, or a boolean variable when using a boolean method. When you call A.B() that line of code becomes (basically anyways) the data type you are returning. That is why if you have a method that returns a String you can say

String testString = Class.returnMethod(someVariable)

As long as returnMethod() returns a String, the above code will work. The same concept applies to your situation.

thanks that fixed it.

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