what's wrong with the code, it doesn's display the data based on the SQL query:

Private Sub cmdSearch_Click()
On Error GoTo Notfound
squery = "": squery = "Select * from tblStation where Station like " & txtStation.Text & ""
Call ExecuteCommand
With Me
.txtStation = rs!Station
.cboCluster = rs!Cluster
.txtArea = rs!Area
.txtTelephone = rs!Telephone
.txtIPphone = rs!IPphone
.txtFax = rs!Fax
.txtManager = rs!Manager
End With

but with Field defined as Number in the database, it's so easy to search, it displays immediately, but what's wrong with the field defined as TEXT?

i've also tried operator LIKE, IN etc.., but no output.

any suggestions, thank you very much..

If you are quering a text field then you need to encompass what you are quering against/for with single ticks '

squery = "Select * from tblStation where Station like [B]'[/B]" & txtStation.Text & "[B]'[/B]"

if number then you don't need...

squery = "Select * from tblStation where Station like " & txtStation.Text & ""

Good Luck

ok, thanks.. what about ADODB.Stream.

how could I add ADODB.Stream in declaration? as far a I know, the ADODB library has only 4 objects:Command, Recordset, Connection & Parameter.

Last time i used a stream object was with 2.5 (Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.5).

Dim A As ADODB.Stream
Set A = New ADODB.Stream

'open the adodb filestream and save the file locally so we can check its file size then close the adodb filestream object
A.Type = adTypeBinary
A.Write XMLHTTPOBJECT.responseBody
A.SaveToFile App.Path & "\temp.jpg", adSaveCreateOverWrite
Set A = Nothing

and if you can't tell I used it with XML 3.0 to save a file to disk from the web.

How you want to use it may require a new thread.

Good Luck

ok, thank you. already found it, its a reference, not a component.