OleDbConnection thisConnection = new OleDbConnection(
      @"Provider = Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=e:\DataMoney.mdb");

        OleDbDataAdapter thisAdapter = new OleDbDataAdapter(
            "SELECT * FROM SchoolMoney", thisConnection);
        DataSet thisDataSet = new DataSet();
        thisAdapter.Fill(thisDataSet, "SchoolMoney");

        OleDbCommandBuilder thisBuilder = new OleDbCommandBuilder(thisAdapter);

        thisBuilder.QuotePrefix = "[";
        thisBuilder.QuoteSuffix = "]";

        //set up keys object for defining primary key
        DataColumn[] keys = new DataColumn[1];
        keys[0] = thisDataSet.Tables["SchoolMoney"].Columns[0];
        thisDataSet.Tables["SchoolMoney"].PrimaryKey = keys;

      [B] DataRow findRow = thisDataSet.Tables["SchoolMoney"].Rows.Find(this.textBox1.Text);[/B]            if (findRow != null)



can you tell me how i get the number of row about findRow
thank you

@"can you tell me how i get the number of row about findRow".
sorry,i am not able to make out what exactly you mean.
Can you explain a bit?

sorry i 've worked out it. thank you