I am trying to create a gui, you guys helped me to find a great gui tutorial. Now I want to run another program in the background of the gui which will constantly monitor the time of the system.

I tried using shellexecute in the file where I wrote code for a small window, I just wanted to test some things out. The program compiles find but when I run it the program that I want to open doesn't open, the window does get created tho.

Just some other information:
1) I took the shell execute command from another program I wrote and it worked fine from that previous program.
2) The background program will most likely be a c++ program. But the program I wrote for the gui is in c (i'm not sure if that matters).

here is a copy of the shellexecute command i used:

HWND Handle = NULL;

ShellExecute(Handle,"open","C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Start Menu\\Programs\\Games\\Hearts",NULL,NULL,SW_SHOWDEFAULT);

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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