I want to have a button in Borland C++ builder 6, for which the background color can be changed. The default TButton available in bcb 6 is wrapper to the windows button & does not have the color property.
I went thro the net & found some code for this TButtonWithColor. But the shared code has the.pas & the .dcu files. I tried installing it as a new component in bcb, but the new component is not getting registered.
Can anyone help me out on how to install it & use the TButtonWithColor??

the code is available in the below link:

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Read the manual.

Did you ever figure this out? I've the same problem using RAD Studio 2007

Check this out.. This is for Borland builder 6.0.
I am not sure about RAD studio

1. Close all boralnd projects
3. Open Borland builder & close the default project
4. Click File->New->Other->Component
5. Select base component
6. Enter the new component name
7. Browse the source path & open the pas file
8. Click install
9. Select into new package & give an appropriate name for the package
10. Click OK
11. Now compile the package.
16. Click install to install the package.
17. Close bcb , open again & gotto Install Packages & Add the package
18.Click ok & the component is will appear in the component palette where u specified.

Better u check out ur self from the Help as I found out!!

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