hi all,

i have an c# GUI apps with i provide on CD but i dont want them to install Whole setup again and again.
So i just want to give them the new datafiles as patch sothat they can update only the new and updated portion.
But i dont know how.

Can any one help me in this concern.

Thanks in advance

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Hi ,
Thanks for ur reply.
But my problem is something else.
Here is the complete Description

I have a C#2005 application that we are providing to our clients.
We are providing data in the form of cab files
there are 2 cab files
the size of each cab file is round about 450 mb.
we provide monthly services .
hence some of the files are used to add each month.
but we provide the old data again and again also.
I want a method by which I can give only newly added or modified files at each time and merge those files into previously installed files.
is there any method to do so.
Thanks in advance.
I need urgent help.

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