is there a way to increase bluetooth range in mobile phone for 1 seconed?
by changing the driver or somthing like that?
in C\asm?
i asked in the java forum,they said it might be possible in C.

to save time - i checked and it's possible to increase range of bluetooth dongle,so i suppouse it's possible?

thanks in advance :)

Well, there are certain ranges that the bluetooth can cover according to the standard. There are two type class1 (covering 100m) and class 2(covering 10m). I suppose you can try experiment those range as you keep moving away.

well, increasing the range of the bluetooth is possible and the Bluetooth SIG is already working on it. There are many standards that you will have to follow. The new version of the standard is released you program your bluetooth according to the standard, unless you invented your own standards!

OK, do you know what API have you been using to program your bluetooth?


No we don't(i'm with stupid)
we didn't start to program it yet.

And the thing is,we resarched about Bluetooth and we got this information.
we weren't talking about creating a bluetooth device that c an get to 100m range.
it's to change a phones existing bluetooth range by a software installed on it.

and if you know what API should we use,that would be very helpfull :)

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