Please can somebody help me with Question Papers and answer Papers on C, C++. I have a Interview tomorrow.

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Umm be more specific. What exactly are Question Papers and Answer Papers?

Some programming questions with good logic. Types asked in Interviews.

Okay, 1. If you meant papers that have questions and require answers it would be Question and Answer Papers... one object, not two as in the previous Question Papers and Answer Papers you had typed. 2. If you know C,C++ then you should do fine, and if you don't know C, C++ and you are applying for a job that requires it then I can help you all you want on answering generic questions on the programming language, but unless you really know it yourself then 10 bucks says you won't be able to fill the shoes of the job and will be fired before your first pay check.

Okay, sorry, had to get that off my chest, I am a critic at best, but I am really a nice guy, so how about you help me out a little and give me some questions you think will be asked, and I will answer them as best as I can. (This comming from a guy who knows C/C++, VB, HTML, ASM[minimal asm, more like none])

I am quite familiar with C, C++. I just want to find out where I can get some question and Answer paperhs just to go through before attending the interview. Do you have anything such Basementcoder?

I have 2 years of experience in C and C++. I can say I am quite familiar

If a job requirement is to fill in prepared answers to pre-determined code questions, they need to hire a pre-programmed robot. Real jobs require thinking within each context, so as long as you have that you will be able to find someone that can use it.

what is u question

I want to some previous question papers of C & C++ of MCA 1st year 1st Semester please do feel free to send message bye


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