Frnd How i can use CodeBHehind Concept in Asp.Net
Just send me Any Small Example in which u have to use Code Behind Concept

Hi Friends,
This is simple article to add different language (vb,c#) class file to add in a App_Code folder.

1. In the App_Code folder add vb class file
2.And add another one class file in App_Code which is depend on the c# language
Now build the web site

Can you get this error?

Error 1 The files '/TestWebsite/App_Code/testc.cs' and '/TestWebsite/App_Code/test.vb' use a different language, which is not allowed since they need to be compiled together. /

Now create one more folder in the App_Code folder named as “cs”
And drag your c# class file into “cs” folder

Now open the web config file and add the following codes in side the <compilation> tag

<add directoryName ="cs"/>

Now build the website. Did you get any error?

No ....