Hi everyone. I am new to this web site. Found it while doing some research.

My need is as follows:

I am modifying a healthcare Practice Management System for a company in Jacksonville, Fl. and the client wants to be able to create basic BAR and PIE charts. There is basically no way to do this in cobol (what the system is written in) that I am aware of.

I remember from some C programmers I had working for me one time that C could do this. Is there an easy way to send data from the cobol application to a C or C++ program and have it generate a BAR and or a PIE chart?

Any help would be appreciated.

FYI...the cobol application runs on a PC written in CA Cobol.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Here are some links

If the cobol program writes the data to a disk file then a c or c++ program should be able to read it.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes - I can generate a text file with any type of records.

There are lots of options and I am quite lost when we start speaking C. I apoligize for that - to many years of just doing Cobol.

Is there a easy to use interface that you can recommend?

Appreciate any and all help...

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes - I can generate a text file with data as needed. Fixed position, CSv etc.

I took a look and quite honestly I am lost when trying to understand all that is being said.

Can you suggest a simple program that can be called if I pass the necessary paramaters to it?

Sorry for the ignorance on my part but this is the first time I've every been asked to do this with Cobol.

Since you know next to nothing about C and C++ I would recommend you just use some off-the-shelf charting software, such as this one, where you don't do any programming at all. More links here.