hai friends i want a project title in j2ee to do my project plz help me :sad:

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write a distributed generator for project titles.
Should come in handy for websites like this, kids could just click a button and get a random project.
Saves us a lot of work answering the dozens of questions each semester from kids having to think of a project to do for school and too unimaginitive or lazy to think for themselves.

I've thought about writing one of those. I may just do it.

hai friends i got a project title but can u help me the details of dat project

Either schools are teaching programming at a much younger age these days, or English class is ignoring grammer.

Alright sree22, you want us to give you details on YOUR project, with absolutely no information other than you have a title that you haven't even shared? Sure, here's the source code to my latest project, just change the author's name and its all yours.

Either schools are teaching programming at a much younger age these days, or English class is ignoring grammer.

English classes everywhere are ignoring grammar and all of India thinks they are cut out for programming. I can tell you first hand that English teachers spend more time on stupid crap like poetry than on grammar.

commented: Depressingly correct on both points. +17

and more on political correctness than on anything else... My sister was told to march in anti-nuke rallies or she'd be failed her classes.
Only a complaint to the school administrator got that situation changed.

hello friends

my project name is e-auction
can u give me some points regarding this project
i would like to do this project using j2ee as front end and oracle as back end

1) use syntactically and gramatically correct English everywhere
2) ditto Java
3) O'Reilly

what is this i don't understand what are you trying to say ?

learn English and don't be lazy...

i need some help for my project and not for english

We know absolutely nothing about your project, nor have you even tried explaining it. We can't offer help on such a vague post.

and if you don't know English you're never going to be able to explain it, nor to understand whatever we're trying to tell you ;)

Java client / server applications

1) Remote Desktop Capture and Control

2) Point to Point Video Confernce(V2OIP)

3) A graphical network browser supporting FTP, SMB, SFTP, NFS, HTTP, and local I/O

4) Remote Monitoring tools (spy tools)

5) Remote System Administration Tools

6) Java based chat server

7) Audio chatting application

8) Mail server

9) FTP server

10) Multiple Chat - privatechat, groups chat,transferring files, whiteboarding.

11) Jabber - Integrating gtalk, yahoo, msn, aol etc.. messanger into single messanger

12) Remote software Installation tool


commented: Next time read forum rules befor posting! -1

1) What is the point to open one-and-half year old post?
2) Please read the rules, NO PERSONAL DETAILS ALLOWED IN THE POST. Shameless self advertising.

thanks for the replies !

Can you please Mark the post as solved, so no other "history diggers" will replay it?

pls get me a recent n new java project title

Use your imagination and sourceforge.net

commented: It's their lack of imagination which prompted the 1-line of drivel to begin with. But props for closing another one of these pointless project ideas threads :) +17
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